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January 13, 2013
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It all started one day, by the window so fine and clear, outside in the grass still soft with dew, stood eight tiny little plushies, each a faint blue. Every one of them in the shape of cute little sea creature, one of my favorite features. There were each cared for by the same young girl, who loved them to death.

Sadly this girl, unknown she shall stay, loved them a bit too much for her rough play. Slowly they ripped and tore, the soft fabric not strong, and she patched them all up, so there would be no wrong. Despite her long efforts, no matter how hard she tried, they always broke in her grasp, like dead leaves in a…a, ok no more rhymes.

The plushies lay in the grass shifting in the strong breeze as the girl came outside to retrieve her precious toys. Each one had been stitched up like a ragdoll. Some missing eyes, stuffing, or parts. Others had pins sticking out of their limbs like a pincushion. The girl sighed and brought the creature inside; her boyfriend frowned at the sight of them.

"look, you can't keep those… things, they creep me out BIG TIME, I swear the octopus watches me at night with the fake smile of his" He growled eyeing the octopus carefully. The girl hid them out of his view behind her back and sighed.

"I know you don't like them but I have had them since I was little, they are special to me, I'm not getting rid of them" She huffed marching upstairs to their room, "and the octopus' name is Pins" she yelled slamming the door loudly. She put them back in the cardboard box on the top shelf of her closet like she did every night.

"I'm sorry Johnny doesn't like you guys, I'm probably going to have to move you all up into the attic tonight" She bowed her head walking back down stairs to speak with her lover. Once the door closed and the sound of her footsteps stopped Pins stretched his mouth out and frowned a little.

"Put us in the attic? But why would she-"Patchs, pins best pal poked at her with one of his many poorly stitched limbs.

"Dude she aint got time for us anymore, we are like old news for a twenty-one year old lady with a buddy boy at her side" Patchs said shifting into a more comfortable position in the box. Pins frown worsened as the others slowly started to move about the cramped space pushing each other around.

"But she promised to love us forever; she even took the time to read the sea pals vow!" Cried Pins pouting and crawling out of the box.

"Well unless that vow lasts forever she can stop loving us anytime dear" Called queen Chitters muffled voice from the box. The queen wasn't really a ruler, she is the oldest of the sea pals being the first one ever made but her plastic golden crown was nothing more than a Barbie doll crown tied to her head, he necklace was one stolen for the mothers jewelry box.

"Indeed my dear, the vow was nothing more than a buyer's gimmick, the fact she took the time read it meant nothing but that she used to really love us" Said king Chatter flopping out of the box. He also wore a silver crown and a fish net cape tied around his neck, made for an old fish net the father brought home from one of his trips.

"But-but that's not true, she still does!" Whined Pins slouching and pouting intensely. Chatter shook his head while Chitter put a flipper over the octopuses back.

"I'm so sorry dear, it's true, it's been thirteen years she loved us, but it's time to move on" Chitter snuggled the depressed octopus trying to imitate the way the girl would. Pins shook away from her and climbed sluggishly back into the now empty box. The royals sighed and joined the others on the top shelf watching the mini TV set up in the bed room.

"h-hey Pins, are- are you, y-you know, ok?" Asked shelly climbing in to join the poor creature.

"No I'm not ok shells, the girl is going to put us in the attic tonight and I want to stay with her here on the top shelf" Pouted Pins curled up in the corner of the box. Shelly sat next her and sighed falling onto his back.

"If we do go up there at least she has the old TV still set up there, and we have more space to move around, and we don't have to hide at night when she opens the door" He said trying to lighten the mood.

Pins huffed and turned away from him.

"But we won't be with her! No more cuddling, snuggling, playing, comfort, no more nothing!" she yelled squishing herself into the corner even more. Shelly whimpered a bit and found an old cardboard backing in the box. He flipped in over and started to read out loud the sea pals vow.

"forever I will love, never I will hurt, these creatures from the water now in my home, they will always and forever stay by my side, for my only real love will be from these guys" He softly whispered resting his head on the old piece of cardboard. Pins shifted and closed her one good eye slowly starting to fall asleep.

"Come on everyone its 12:30 at night, the girl will be up here soon to take us to our new home, everyone back in the box" Called Chatter rushing into the old tattered box. The rest of the pals followed just as the door flew open.

"Are you finally going to put away those patch pals of yours?" Asked the boy or Johnny as she called him.

"Yes I'm putting them in the attic ok?!" She snarled picking up the box from the shelf. Quickly she carried in up a flight of stairs and set it down on the dusty floor next to the TV set she had never taken the time to unplug.

"Goodnight guys" She whispered softly shutting the door and heading back into her room with Johnny.

"Good night Carol" Softy whispered pins not waking the others. "I'll miss you"
I have been meaning the write this for a while and had sometime on my hands do this came to life.

I have a crappy drawing of the patch pals in one of my folders but these were just designs for them, I also cut out a bunch I thought weren’t really needed for the story.

But anyway this is something in probably going to work on for the time being so yeah, enjoy

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poisonDragongirl13 Jan 15, 2013  Student Artist
welp! *bows* thank you! i lost my feels! ^^
katie0202 Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
haha no prob ^.=.^
That-British-Cat Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
this reminds me of the movie 'toy-story'
katie0202 Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i think in a way it is, the characters will be a bit more... defined then in "toy story" once the story really picks up speed anyway
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